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Yes, this is a very odd combination.  Southern rice, asian fried tofu, italian’ish macaroni and tomato dish?  These were all the recipes I’ve been wanting to try this week and for some reason we decided to do them all in one night.

Fried Teriyaki Tofu via TasteTester of Food.com

Confetti Corn via Barefoot Contessa

Basil Scalloped Tomato’s with Croutons via Oh She Glows

Cashew Mac’N’Cheese via Yummly & AllRecipes

I meant to snap some pictures of all of these dishes before bringing them to the table, but we were all starving.

I have to say the Basil and Tomato dish and the corn were AMAZING.  Simple recipes that really only took minutes to prep, cook and serve.

The tofu was a standard recipe and tasted wonderful as always.

The Mac’N’Cheese was… Different.  It was the first time I’ve ever made a cashew based sauce and I was honestly a bit hesitant to ever try it.  The sauce clumped up a bit after coming off the burner and cooling.  It smelt funny at first, upon tasting it was quite bland and needed more seasoning.  Our guests added some vegan parmesan cheese and we’re quite happy – some salt and pepper on mine and I could see myself scarfing this down quite easily.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting together a White Bean and Greens salad with mustard vinaigrette while playing with lightroom.  Wish me luck 🙂


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